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The core of our investment process is built upon three fundamental beliefs.

  • One, diversification reduces asset-specific risk.
  • Two, management styles move in and out of favor with the market.
  • Three, even the best managers do not perform at the top of their style for extended periods of time.

To control risk and increase returns, our investment officers evaluate every perspective, including risk tolerance, cash flow, tax effect and short- and long-term goals. We believe that the combination of objective expertise and independent investment selection is essential for implementing a strong, diversified portfolio to meet your needs now and in the future.

Our collaborative process begins with a consultation with you to determine the purpose for your portfolio, including identifying and refining objectives. Next, we develop a personalized investment strategy and recommend an asset allocation that is consistent with your risk/reward profile. We then implement the strategy using our multi-level diversification approach. Finally, we continually evaluate and review your portfolio, rebalancing the assets as necessary to remain focused on your objectives.