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Riding the momentum following the presidential election, stocks surged for much of the first quarter of 2017.  Buoyed by the anticipation of tax cuts and policies favorable to domestic businesses, the benchmark indexes listed here reached historic highs throughout the quarter.  At the end of January, the Dow reached the magic 20000 mark for the first time, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq gained almost 4.50% for the month.  The trend continued in February, as stocks posted solid monthly gains.  The Dow closed the month with a run of 12 consecutive daily closings that reached all-time highs.  The S&P 500 also achieved a milestone -- 50 consecutive trading sessions without a daily swing of more than 1.0%.  At the close of trading in February, each of the benchmark indexes listed here posted year-to-date gains, led by the Nasdaq, which was up over 8.0%.
March began with a bang but ended with a whimper.  The Dow closed the first week of the month at over 21000, while the Nasdaq gained over 9.0% year-to-date.  However, energy stocks slipped as the price of oil began to fall.  Entering mid-March, investors exercised caution pending the potential Fed interest rate hike and the push for a new health-care law.  Following its mid-March meeting, the Fed raised interest rates 25 basis points, while the move to replace the ACA with a new health-care law failed for lack of congressional support.
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